Wellington, New Zealand


Tristan has sea green eyes and long careless curls. Their naturally golden olive skin is decorated with large artistic tattoos, and their thick thighs and firm round bum will drive you wild. Tristan is FtM, and has had testosterone and chest surgery. They look like a ridiculously hot long haired guy… except for a smooth plump pussy with an XXL clit like a tiny cock. They also have a selection of strap on penises to use on you as well.


Warm, genuine, and effortlessly charming, Tristan will immediately put you at ease. Be swept away by Tristan’s genuine personality, sensual affection, and warm, engaging, down to earth manner. Every service on offer is something they love to do, so you will always find them happy, open, and ready for pleasure. They are attracted to all genders.


Tristan’s incall is based in Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt, near the Bodhinyanarama Buddhist Monastery.
Their upscale private retreat includes freshly laundered cotton sheets, fluffy towels, a high pressure shower, and discreet free parking.


Luxury service

Luxury service is all about your pleasure and satisfaction.
A relaxed, unhurried, and playful service, with luscious deep oral, exquisite prostate massage, and spectacular full sex including strap on (active/top) for your pleasure, and Greek (receptive/bottom) at Tristan’s discretion (Greek both ways >1hr recommended).

Nothing gets Tristan hotter than bringing you to the brink of orgasm, then bringing you back and prolonging your pleasure… before giving you an explosive release.

30min $200
60min $300
90min $450
120min $600

Luxury double

Luxury doubles with beautiful, feminine pre-op and non-op trans girls are Tristan’s specialty.

Like the Luxury service, their Luxury double centres your pleasure – with twice the oral and two at once, prostate massage, and spectacular full sex including Greek both ways. Feel Tristan’s playmate slide into your mouth while Tristan slips inside you with their strap on.

30 minutes: $400
60 minutes: $600
90min $900
120min $1200

Sensual hot oil massage

Relax and unwind with Tristan’s unique, nude, hot oil sensual massage; for therapeutic relaxation, prolonged pleasure, and orgasmic bliss.

Their massage focuses on building erotic energy and spreading this throughout your entire body, building on your ability to focus on and fully experience pleasure.

Professionally trained and experienced in erotic massage, Tristan has skilled hands and uses their whole body in an intuitive style which blends elements of both eastern and western origins.

Your massage will include full, slippery, soft skinned body to body contact over every part of your body, with smooth hot oil and long, calming, relaxing strokes, silken soft teasing caresses, and sensuous body slides. Let Tristan melt away your cares, and and stimulate your senses, spreading the sexual arousal throughout your entire body, culminating in a deep full body orgasmic release.

Your pleasure is guaranteed, regardless of your gender or anatomy.

30min $150
60min $200
90mins $250
120min $300

Gold service – VIP

Gold service includes the pleasures of the Luxury service, and adds French kissing, licking Tristan’s pink slit, sucking their clit, rimming on them, and multiple orgasms. Explore as many positions as you like, and have as many orgasms as possible.

Spa and light refreshments included.

60min $400
90min $600
120min $800

Gold double – VIP

For the transsexual connoisseur.

Gold double includes everything a Luxury double offers, plus adds French kissing, three way kissing, oral and rimming on Tristan and their playmate. They will also pleasure each other orally and have full sex together. Explore as many positions as you like, and have as many orgasms as possible.

Spa and light refreshments included.

60 minutes: $800
90 minutes: $1,200
120 minutes: $1,600

Couple’s threesome

Whether it’s the first time you’ve had a threesome, or you’re regular swingers, Tristan will cater to your needs with finesse, and ensure you’re both having the time of your lives. Tell Tristan what you would each like from them, and what you would like to save for each other. Tristan loves to watch couples enjoy each other, and add a little bit of spice.

Luxury or Gold service, rate + $100 extra per hour, 2hr minimum

Couple’s erotic massage training

Tristan’s couples massage focuses on erotic hands on training for you take home and practice together.

120min $500

B & B – overnight or day trip

Taxi or Uber from the airport straight to Tristan’s upscale retreat. When you arrive, you’ll enjoy a hot shower, let them sooth your senses and melt away your cares with a soak in the spa, a luxurious hot oil massage, and all the rest that a Gold service offers.

Spa and light refreshments are included.

Day trip – up to 6 hours

Check in from 2pm, with check out by 8pm.
$1,800 (25% discount, value $2,400).

Overnight stay – up to 20 hours

Check in from 2pm, check out the following day by 10am.
$4,000 (50% discount, value $8,000).

Weekend stay – up to 48 hours

Check in from 10am Friday, and check out by 10am Sunday.
$9,600 (50% discount, value $19,200).

All B & B bookings include sensual massage and Gold service, and an optional 1 hour booking or double with a playmate from this site.

Rushed affair

A Rushed Affair simply includes hand relief, focusing on your immediate satisfaction without the wait.

If you like a “less professional” service, the rushed affair is perfect. No showers, no lingerie, no need to get fully undressed! Tristan will be casually dressed and remain fully clothed – like a forbidden rendezvous on the run.

10min – $100

Sensual bondage and discipline

Tristan enjoys administering corporeal punishment alongside sensory experiences, such as cuffing you and putting a hood or gas mask on you while they tease your body with various implements. Inflicting a slow, gentle, and perhaps increasingly painful beating which might include spanking, flogging, paddles, riding crops, canes, and whips.

This service can include strap on sex, pegging, and sensual anal stretching.

60 minutes: $500
90 minutes: $750
120 minutes: $1,000

Affirmed feminisation, sissification, and bimbo fantasy

Cross dressing, affirmed feminisation, dollification, sissification. Tristan adores cross dressing sissy sluts – objectifying you, and using you for their pleasure. They have an extensive collection of quality wigs and makeup, and can also provide lingerie at your cost. They love to affirm and adore you and use your cute girl-dick, play with your tits, and slide inside you.

This service can include strap on sex, pegging, and sensual anal stretching.

60 minutes: $500
90 minutes: $750
120 minutes: $1,000

Diamond fetish

This service can include elements of sensual bondage and discipline or feminisation, and adds hardcore fetish and extreme XXX domination, such as forced anal fantasy, forced bisexual, forced feminisation, forced golden shower, anal fisting, humiliation and degradation, corpse play/body bag, invasive medical, and strap on violation.

Diamond fetish can also include messy play on you, but this must be discussed prior to the booking. Messy play includes adult baby/diaper wetting, wax play, dirt play, sploshing, play piercing.

On your knees slave, where you belong.

60 minutes: $1,000
90 minutes: $1,500
120 minutes: $2,000