Are you like a girl, or a boy?

I’m most like a FtM transsexual but I’m very femme and I like it in between. Most people say I look like a transsexual woman. Some people say I look like a femme gay boy. It’s very common for me to hear:
‘oh wow! you should put your face online! You’re so hot!’
I don’t photograph well, so the clients I meet are always pleasantly surprised.

See this list of porn links for videos of people who are kind of like me!

Cock or pussy?

Besides my range of strap on cocks, I have a gorgeous pussy with the biggest, puffiest, most succulent, hormonally enhanced clit – a bit like a tiny dick. See the porn in the main menu to see cock-clits like mine in action.

Are you going to get a full sized dick with surgery?

Yes. Imagine how it would feel to have me straddle you, and to pump my pink slit with your pussy stick while you rub my full sized hard dick and my little clit-cock and squeeze my tits. To help me get the body of your dreams, just book me and tip me.

How would you describe your body?

Exotic, Responsive, Summer.
My body is toned, soft, and cuddly, with a golden olive complexion.
Standing at 170cm, I’m an hourglass figure with my broad shoulders, a slim waist, and perfect hips. I have a fat booty like the girls in hip hop music videos, little tits that are probably a B cup, and large, artistic, sexy tattoos.

I’ve never been with a FtM or ‘in between’ transsexual, how do you have sex?

In all of the ways. If you can imagine it, chances are we can do it, so long as it’s safe and legal. See my services page for details.

What do you like doing?

I only offer services which I like, so everything on offer is something I like doing.
I do especially enjoy threesomes with other hot transsexuals, and I love to give hot oil massages.

Do you do bareback/natural for extra money?

Please see my services menu for descriptions of my services. I would never risk my health or yours by going bareback – smart sex professionals always use condoms.

I want to try receiving anal for the first time, is it going to hurt?

If it’s your first time, you’ve come to the best possible place.
I’m very experienced with giving anal and promise you it will not hurt at all.
Just let me set the pace and guide you.

I’ve never seen an escort before, what’s your advice for me as a client?

Bring cash.
Arrive on time.

I’m an expert at making you feel comfortable, being entertaining, and taking the lead, not to mention the other stuff.

Can I book one of your playmates individually?

I’m not a booking agent so I can’t book them for you. If they have their own website linked from my playmates page, or if you can find them advertised elsewhere then yes, otherwise, no.

Do you accept other kinds of payment instead of money?


Can we watch porn together? What kind of porn do you have?

Yes. I have all kinds of porn, and I like the stuff you’re embarrassed to admit you like. Tell me what you’re into so I can bring it with me.

Who are you *really* into?

Men, women, transgender people, everyone. I especially like having the chance to see older guys for bookings – I appreciate people who are relaxed about what they’re into. I’m an exceptionally sensual person and I see the sex appeal in absolutely everyone.