Experienced as both a professional dominant and a professional submissive, I prefer to work as a fetishist, putting the emphasis on the activities we do rather than a dynamic of ‘dominance’.

With my collection of high fashion PVC, latex, leather, and fur, I’m stunningly dressed to My taste. I have have a great wardrobe for cross dressers, and an amazing collection of toys – from quality cuffs, canes and crops, through to anal pumps and gas masks.

I also have a coven of gorgeous transsexual women to join us – shall I punish you anally while you suck her girl-dick?

On your knees slave, where you belong.


Lifestyle Fetishist. Switch. Transsexual.

I know both sides of the coin, and enjoy exploring your desires. As equipment and preparation are needed for many fetish activities, please be clear about what you want at the time of booking.

Everyday Fetish – Part of the Gold Service Experience

This service can include soft to medium grade activities which focus on you.
I may wear latex, PVC, or leather and fur.

Bondage and Discipline: I enjoy administering corporeal punishment alongside sensory experiences, like cuffing you and putting a hood or gas mask on you while I tease your body with various implements. Inflicting a slow, gentle, and perhaps increasingly painful beating which might include spanking, flogging, paddles, riding crops, canes, and whips.

Feminisation: Cross dressing, affirmed feminisation, dollification, sissification. I adore cross dressing sissy sluts – making you into my sweet little bitch, objectifying you, and using you for my pleasure. I have an extensive collection of gorgeous wigs and makeup, and can also provide lingerie at your cost. I love to affirm and adore you and use your cute girl-dick, play with your tits, and slide inside you.

Everyday Fetish can also include strap on sex, pegging, and anal stretching.

60 minutes: $500
90 minutes: $750
120 minutes: $1,000

Diamond Fetish Service

This service can include any of the Everyday Fetish elements, and adds hardcore fetish and extreme XXX domination, such as forced anal fantasy, forced bisexual, forced feminisation, forced golden shower, humiliation and degradation, corpse play, invasive medical, strap on violation.

Diamond can also include messy play, depending on the venue – adult baby/diaper wetting, wax play, dirt play, sploshing, play piercing.

60 minutes: $1,000
90 minutes: $1,500
120 minutes: $2,000

Transsexual Threesomes, Doubles, and Group Sex

Does your fetish includes plus sized girls, hot bi boys, maybe being spit roasted by myself and another gorgeous transsexual, gang bang fantasy, or anything involving more than two? Let me know what you have in mind and I’ll do my best to make it happen – your wet dream on a silver platter.

High Fashion PVC and Leather

I have a beautiful range of quality PVC, vinyl, leather, fur, and latex fetish wear in high fashion gold, silver, hot pink; with pants, shirts, shorts, cocktail dresses, gowns. If you have a preference, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.