New to sex work?

Yes I can give you the rundown on working within the law, different ways to work, managing your privacy, managing clients, safer sex in a work context, and lots of other info, but my consultations cost $200 an hour and you can get the same thing for free at New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective  so that’s my recommendation.

After that, come back to me for…

1. Complete Photography Shoot

I offer a complete photo shoot, editing, and a set of finished digital images for your website or other advertising. You will own the set and can use them however you like.

Anonymity and sex appeal

Many sex workers find that even boudoir photographers tend to focus on the face, or can’t take a sexy photo without a face.

The other common problem is that unless you’re a size 6 cisgender super model, some photographers can’t take hot photos of you and don’t know how to pose you. If you look at most photographers’ work, this is what you’ll find. Same with most brothels.

I’m great at really seeing exactly what makes you so hot, and at emphasising your sex appeal, without including your face.


You can choose a hotel or brothel based photo session, a dramatic outdoor beach or wilderness setting, or a private residence if you have a really tidy place that you’re happy to show in your photos.

If you choose a hotel, you’ll need to arrange this after we agree on a date for the shoot. If you work in a brothel, you’ll need to make sure it’s ok with management.


Your photo shoot will take around 2 hours depending on locations etc.


We can discuss preparing for a photoshoot, and what to bring on the day.


After your shoot, I select the best images, and edit for light levels etc. I also remove your tattoos and other identifying features if you want anonymity. I don’t like to airbrush excessively. If you look at my playmates’ photos, they’re mostly shot by me, and only lightly/privacy edited. I can also remove things like pimples so don’t stress about this.


I can do a shoot and 5 – 10 finished photos from $200. If you have extensive tattoos, it will usually be around $300.

Yes that’s REALLY cheap. Some professional boudoir photographers charge around $250 per photograph.

Samples of my photography

2. Advertising Support

I can ask you the right questions and support you with writing your advertising – finding out what parts of your personality can shine in your advertising, what the details of your services are, and then help you to write these into a really good advertisement.

$200 (usually takes a little over an hour)

3. Website Building

I will take care of everything, from making you a work email address to building your website – layout, look and feel, content, with your advertising write up and your photos. Once it’s set up I will hand it all over to you, so you will be in full and secure control of it.

Your website will be simple to use, so if you get new photos, new contact details, or want to change other content, you will be able to do it yourself – if you can use Tumblr or Facebook you can run the website I build you.

Alternatively, I can provide an ongoing support package.

$ Ask

4. Social Media Marketing

In NZ we’re a small country with a fairly small number of sex workers in any one city or area. Because you’re not competing with thousands of sex workers adverts in one city, it’s actually very easy for clients to find you in newspapers and online advertising platforms without the extra work of keeping up a social media presence.

5. Trans

If you’re trans, intersex, a cross dresser, etc. and you’re looking for gender support of some kind, try this organisation.


When contacting me about setup services, BEFORE you start asking questions about whether we can do nude photos on the beach, please be very clear in your text ”Hi this is [work name], I’m a sex worker”. Thanks babes Xxx